Leading FBO Ground SErvices
Professional Ground Handling Crew At Your Service

Licensed Airport Ground Handling agent in Seletar Airport, Singapore.
Making sure you arrive ON TIME EVERY TIME!"
As a licensed ground handling agent, our mission is to ensure your timely arrival every time. Our personalized services cater to all your flight needs and are centered around your schedule, making your experience in Singapore enjoyable. We prioritize precision, safety, and responsiveness in our services, and view our clients as partners. Our ultimate goal is to become your trusted partner for all your travel needs.

We offer a comprehensive range of cost-effective ground handling services through our fully equipped center, operated by our professional team. Our services include but are not limited to:
Aircraft Pushback/Towing Services
  • Aircraft Hangarage
  • Aircraft Marshalling
  • Aircraft Refueling Coordination
  • Aircraft Maintenance Coordination
  • Flight Planning Services
    Our Crew and Passenger Services Includes
    • General Declaration / Passenger Manifest
    • Customs Immigration
    • VIP Passenger Assistance
    • Entry and Landing Permits
    • Concierge
    • Catering Arrangements
    • Accommodation Arrangements
    • Luggage Transfer from Customs Hall to Passenger Vehicle